Leap Day

Today is February 29, and it’s a special February 29 for me.  Why?

Do the planets align allowing me to shed my mortal form and ascend the throne of heaven to rule the world?  (OK, guys, don’t let George Bush read past that last sentence.  I want the little bastard to squirm a bit.  Because I would be an absolute terror on the throne of heaven.)

Do the stars align with the right planets allowing me to take Jessica Alba, Queen Latifah, and Lisa Lampanelli as my co-brides?  (Note:  Nita would still remain First among Schmoopies in this arrangement.)

Hell, did I get a publishing deal even Sarah Weinman didn’t know about yet?

No.  None of these.  (Kinda bummed about the whole Throne of Heaven thing, ‘cuz I wanted to cast Dick Cheney into the fiery Pit of Doom.)

Instead, due to a quirk in BigHugeCo’s payday schedule, this is the only time in my life where I will be paid a salary three times in February.

That’s pretty cool.

They Really Need To Toss Him Under The #82 And Let The Freeway Traffic Finish The Job

WLW talk show host Bill Cunningham has a problem.  He doesn’t understand why John McCain “threw me under a bus” with the national media.  Apparently, McCain didn’t cotton to Cunningham’s trademark confrontational remarks before a political rally yesterday.

Here’s my problem.  Cunningham is one of Cincinnati’s biggest crybabies.  Criticize him, and he has to go on the warpath to discredit his detractors.  This time out, he’s insulted because McCain, like, yanno, doesn’t want to play politics as usual, doesn’t want to be one of those Republican candidates who toe the Far Right line to microscopic tolerances.  I don’t want to tell tales out of school, but I suspect John McCain has never knocked on the wall of a men’s room stall or shown any interest in Congressional pages.  Some of Cunningham’s heroes seem to run into problems with that.  (Full disclosure:  I know enough people who know Cunningham to say that he doesn’t have that problem either.  One listen to his old night show on Fridays is enough to prove that.)

But that’s not Bill Cunningham.  Since the 1980’s, Cunningham has made his fortune in radio as a True Believer to the right of Rush Limbaugh.  Sometimes, in the context of Cincinnati culture, he’s pretty damned funny.  Like when he went on vacation, and WLW’s general manager came on the air to say she was offended by his comments and had suspended Cunningham.  With a liberal he respects, like Mayor Mark Mallory or Governor Ted Strickland, he’ll gladly play the buffoon.  But…

Knowing full well he was being asked to introduce John McCain, knowing full well what kind of campaign McCain wants to run, Cunningham took it upon himself to try and kick McCain further to the right than the people voting for him wanted by crossing the line in his remarks about Barack Obama.

Cunningham likes to say he was just using Obama’s middle name, like he does with Hillary Rodham Clinton or any other politician he discusses.  However, Cunningham is on record as saying the closet Muslim myth and the black separatist myth, both long since disproven and discredited, are facts “not reported by the mainstream media.”

Now he’s upset McCain took him out to the woodshed.  Excuse me, Bill, but you weren’t on your dime, you were on McCain’s.  If anyone should be apologizing, it should be you.  Seems like every time you open your mouth anymore, I feel embarrassed to live in Cincinnati.

Bill, you may be a fine American, but you’re a total asshole sometimes.  This is one of those times.

She’s Being Evited

Looks like Ohio and Texas are must-wins for Hillary Clinton, the woman once considered the “Inevitable Next President of the United States.”  While that alone proves America will vote for a female president, it also proves there’s no such thing as an inevitable candidate.

And now the attacks are getting lame.  Even Fox News, which still trots out the “closet Muslim” myth mainly to fill air time these days, doesn’t seem as enthused to embrace the thinnest of smears against Obama.  One senses that even on the right side of the spectrum, people really don’t want to choose between another old white guy and another political dynasty.  The best anyone’s come up with against Barack Obama that doesn’t have me falling out of my chair laughing* is lack of experience.

And lack of experience, ladies and gentlemen, seems to be Obama’s strength.  One suspects the package Hillary is selling will be bought by the electorate, especially since she is appealing to many conservatives as an alternative to John McCain, but that Obama will be collecting the commission.

The fact is people are sick of the establishment.  And for once, we have a smart man who likes building bridges, can run with good ideas, isn’t shifting his stance every time a new poll comes out, and just happens to be different enough from everyone else in the race to send a message to the rest of the world that America is better than its current leadership has demonstrated.

I’m not one of those who believes that Obama will solve all our problems, that beer will spout from every public fountain, and unicorns will magically appear** under his administration.  I simply think we have the best chance of repairing our relations in the world – and only paranoid moron thinks we don’t need the world – and squelching this red state/blue state bullshit that’s poisoned the nation for the past 7 years.

I have no doubt Hillary can pull it off.  I’m sure John McCain can make policies I don’t like work for everybody.  Believe me, this is an election I’m not going to lose sleep over for once.  But I’ve already made my choice. 

And it’s not business as usual.

Welcome back to 1980.

*Or wondering why Tod Goldberg isn’t attacking the person as a fucktard.  I mean they can’t all be writing to Parade, can they?

**Because everyone knows this Administration has diverted millions in unicorn research to Halliburton.

And If You’re Head Explodes In Dark Forbodings, Too…

Ugh! How’d I get so behind?

Lot of personal stuff, for sure, but…

The web work? Reviews? The novel?

This is what I get for scheduling four gigs in one week, then canceling two. (One weather, one a largely for-comedians gig for trying out new material. I just got this set ironed out.)

On the upside, new Awful Show bit, hopefully first in a series. Yes, I’ve found a way to make Dr. Neil Warren Clark sound even more annoying than he already does.

And creepier.

Thanks for the assist, Joel.

This has been a monumental whine with J.

Thank you.