In Response To The Supreme Court’s Ruling On Swearing…

The Supreme Court ruled 5-4 against George Carlin, declaring that you really can’t say those seven words on television.  (Someone please tell me why “shit” is obscene?  I mean I know why shit is obscene, but why is that word for it and not, say “poop,” which is more disgusting?  Shit.)

So, in response to the Supreme Court, here is my citizen’s protest for codifying one of the stupidest aspects of our culture.

Frak! Frak! Frak!

Frak Frakkity Frak!

Frak you!

Go frak yourself!


(Thanks, Glen Larson and Ron Moore.  Thank you very much.  Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go downstairs and frak my wife raw.)

Nick Kepler Returns

Nick Kepler’s latest adventure has him doing his best Humphrey Bogart impression.  “Love Don’t Mean a Thing” is now live at The Thrilling Detective Web Site with a bunch of other cool stuff, including another story by Robert Petyo (who is in the last issue with me.  So where’s Paul Guyot?  And will Robert and I get another Million Writers nomination?).


MTM Cincinnati: Cincinnati’s Own Adrian Belew

I’m feeling a bit lazy this week, so instead of a local landmark or event, I’m going to just give you one of the music greats who started in Cincinnati: Newport, Kentucky’s own Adrian Belew.

I wanted to show “Big Electric Cat,” which is one of my favorite Belew tunes, but the embedding was disabled. So you get a quirky Beatles cover instead.

Adrian still pops up once in awhile between King Crimson gigs at the Southgate House across the river in Newport.

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Back To School – Online Edition

This term, I am taking the Intermediate Algebra class along with American History and Web Development.  History and Web Dev are online.  Algebra is classroom lecture.

It took a little getting used to stepping back into a classroom last term.  Fortunately, I’ve had two good math instructors – one a perpetual student who realizes only half the class gets algebra, the other a high school teacher who seems relieved his final class of the day is teaching adults.

Online, however, is a completely new experience for me.  For American History Before 1860, it’s almost all reading.  My goal is to read so far ahead, all I have to do is post essays, do my two term papers, and take the midterm and final.  Doesn’t hurt that I’m a history buff.  I may even get a master’s in history so I can retire to a warmer client teaching history.  You think I want to do IT the rest of my life?  Are you frakkin’ kidding me?!

The first topic of discussion was on Columbus.  Was Chris a hero or a villain?  There were some who said he was a hero, just not a good one.  The rest of the class fell squarely in the villain camp.  Everyone agreed Columbus was, hero or not, pretty much a bungling douchebag.

Web Development…  Um…

It’s hard.  I’m one of four or five IT students in my class.  I’m one of two or three who’ve built web sites.  We have to eschew Dreamweaver for Notepad on Windows and TextEdit on OS X.  But again, I’m trying to work as far ahead as I can so all that’s left are the exams and quizzes.

Because Web Development is a technical class, and BigHugeCo is footing the tuition bill, I can do this class at work, taking little breaks here and there to work on the assignments.

The advantage to doing this online is I can work at my own pace.  Which is surprisingly fast.  Once up0n a time, I was a chronic procrastinating student.  Idowannadomyhomework! Now?  I want it all done as soon as possible.  I’ve got a lot of other things to do.

Although it’s funny now to watch AJ, a freshman in high school, panic on Sunday nights when he realizes he has a book report or a German assignment due Monday.  No, he does not appreciate his stepdad pointing out that getting it done early works better.  Nita and I discussed how we might instill this concept into him.  One of the interns at BigHugeCo said, “He’ll have to go to college to learn it.”

True enough.

Especially online.

The Award-Winning Writer (TM) Who Is Also A Community College Drop-out(R)*

Well, lookie here!

Here I was lamenting my paltry short story output in recent years, and storySouth goes and picks one of my stories for its annual Million Writers Award.  The final Top 10 will be announced May 15, but it truly is an honor to be nominated.

The story?  “Lady Luck” from last summer’s Thrilling Detective.

Congrats, too, to editors Kevin Burton Smith and Gerald So, who had a second story, “The Truth About Lang Tri” by Robert Petyo, nominated from the same issue.

* If you know the backstory behind this headline, you know it’s directed at one of those people I’m hoping to avoid at the Star Trek premier in a couple of weeks.  You know, the ones Shatner told to get a life.  Yes, there are fanficcers who think they are Dennis Lehane.  This one wasn’t even Dennis the Menace.

And anyway, I’ve gone back to school, so I’m no longer officially a dropout.