Doing Right By Our Newest Vets

John Scalzi had five copies of his latest, Zoe’s Tale printed up, four for his own nefarious purposes.  He’s auctioning off the fifth to benefit the Disabled Veterans Charitable Trust.

Why did you choose the Disabled American Veterans Charitable Service Trust?

Three main reasons:

1. It is part of Disabled American Veterans, a charitable organization with a history of service going back nearly 90 years. That sort of longevity appealed to me, particularly given the mission of the organization.

2. Our current involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan means that we have new disabled veterans coming home every day; I want to honor their service. Whatever one thinks of war, generally or specifically regarding Iraq and Afghanistan, those disabled while serving deserve our help back here at home.

3. The “Old Man’s War” series has had a lot of fans in the US military, and I wanted to thank them for their support by returning the favor to those of them most in need.

Can’t argue with that, nor would I.  Please consider bidding.