Daylight Savings: Winter’s Final Screw You

clocksI’ve made it clear what I really think of standard time. It comes in an hour late in the fall, steals an hour of daylight from our ever-shortening days, then slips out early, stealing an hour of sleep on its way out the door.

It’s like winter (The season, not me) is saying “Screw you, bastards,” flipping us its meteorological bird as it rides off into the now-later sunset.

On the other hand, daylight savings brings an hour of daylight in the evening and leaves you with an extra hour of sleep as it goes. The reason I hate standard time is it’s so friggin’ DARK!

Smashed alarm clock memeThis may come to an end in the foreseeable future. There is a move afoot to divide the United States into two time zones: Eastern and Western. It would be noon in New York and 11 AM in Los Angeles. (Not sure about Alaska and Hawaii, but I have to think they get a time zone, too.) And the time change? What time change?

I’m all for it. No more artificially cutting off the end of the day. It will take some getting used to, but the time change that starts all this?

You’d only have to do it once.