Witness to Death By David White

Dave White returns with a tale of jilted love that leads straight into the middle of a terrorist plot. John Brighton is distraught. He just broke up with his girlfriend, Ashley. In a mad effort to win back his ex-girlfriend Michelle, he follows her boyfriend Frank to catch him cheating. He should have just went to a bar and cried in his beer. In following Frank, he ends up in a gunfight, suspected of killing several people in the process, and becomes a fugitive.

Part of the problem is Frank. He’s not Frank. He’s Peter Callahan, a Homeland Security agent trying desperately to crack a terrorist plot engineered not by al Qaeda but an arms dealer looking for a boost in business.

White’s first novel, When One Man Dies, held a lot of promise that was fulfilled with the excellent follow-up, The Evil That Men Do. However, White has amped up his game with Witness to Death, stripping the prose bare and upping the stakes with each chapter.