The Leak Is Capped. Now I Have A Question.

Now that the cap is in place, I have a doozy of a question for BP.

Why the f*** did you not have a contingency plan in place for this already?  Why was that cap not standing by when the well was up and running?  Why, in God’s name (or anyone else’s), would you drill for a toxic substance where it could potentially wreak untold havoc on not just the immediate vicinity but the entire goddamned Atlantic Ocean?

Spare me the comments that Obama should have done this or Bush did that or Fox News or lies of the liberal media or any other political bullshit.  All of that is completely irrelevant.  Let’s focus on who f***ed up royally here:  BP.

Is it not true that BP’s own monster rig was found listing dangerously to one side before a hurricane struck it in 2005?  And no, the hurricane was not Katrina.  It was Daniel.  Go look it up.

Is it also not true that BP’s own consultants told them that a refinery explosion was, in fact, the result of the company cutting too many corners?

And what of the latest fiasco?  Is it not true that, in a rush to get a well online, the valve designed to prevent this sort of catastrophe was installed backward?  And that the company running the rig warned BP about it?

We’ve seen a lot of major corporate failures this decade due to inertia, greed, or poor risk-taking.  That kills companies everyday.

BP’s incompetence kills people, poisons the food supply, and has done more to wreck the economy again than anything Washington can do on a bad day.

Here’s a modest proposal:  Seize BP’s North American operations and make them the property of the states of Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida.  Kick back some cash to Cuba, Mexico, and the Bahamas out of the profits.  BP is punished like no other company has ever been punished before, and hey, look at that!  All kinds of funding to clean up the Gulf and finish rebuilding New Orleans.