News Flash! Flying Sucks!

A new survey has determined that passengers, in the wake of higher prices and slashed staffs, are angrier than ever at the airlines.  Among the biggest complaints?

Lost bags, rude service, and lower on-time rates.

The airlines that faired the worst?  USAir and Delta subsidiary ComAir, both major airlines that just came out of bankruptcy.

The airlines who came up smelling like a rose?  AirTran, JetBlue, and my personal favorite, Southwest.  Notice they’re all low-cost airlines.


So if I pay more, I’m treated rudely, my baggage is mishandled, and I can’t get there from here on time.

If I drive an hour or two and pay less, I’m treated like a celebrity, and I and my bags arrive on time.

Hey, Delta!  Notice the difference?  Care to guess why you’re still struggling after bankruptcy?