My Town Monday Cincinnati – Queen City Square In Review

Queen City Square is complete. Great American Insurance is currently abandoning its digs at 580 Walnut, 525 Vine, and shuffling its people in Dixie Terminal for the big move. So here, after the jump is the building’s rise over the last two years.

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MTM Monday – The Queen City Tower Sans Cranes

Not sure how many more monthly photos I’ll be taking of Queen City Square.  They removed the cranes after Labor Day and sealed up all the open windows.  From here out, all the work is internal or in sections near the ground.  Not sure if they are going to glass up the tiara or just leave it as an open frame.  Anyway, here is Queen City Square as it looks now.

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MTM Monday: Latest On Queen City Square

The tiara is in place.  The building is all glassed up.  If you look closely, the construction elevator on the Third Street side of the building has been removed.  Workers will glass up that section of the building and the tiara.  Driving into downtown around sunrise, you can see fluorescent lighting inside the building as Great American Insurance, the building’s primary tenant, begins preparing the building for its move from Dixie Terminal and the 580 Walnut Building.    Across Ft. Washington Way from Queen City Square is The Banks, a development once famous for its vacant lot between the stadiums and fronting the Underground Railroad Museum and Freedom Center.  Cincinnati’s skyline and riverfront have radically transformed in a development spurt that rivals the changes across the river in Northern Kentucky.  By the time the economy regains any kind of substantial traction, downtown Cincinnati will be ready to handle it.

This is why you build when times are tough.  You want to be ready when the hard times end.  Otherwise, the good times just pass you by.

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MTM Cincinnati: Work Begins On The Tiara

Here is Queen City Square as of April 9.

At the top, they’re installing the air conditioning and other parts of the building that will eventually be wrapped inside the tiara, the glass enclosure designed to resemble Princess Diana’s tiara.  From the outside, it will likely look like a complete building by the end of summer.

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MTM Cincinnati: Almost Springtime For Queen City Square

It’s been a long February for pretty much everyone in these United States.  Just about everyone I know is sick of the snow, except those in New Orleans and Hawaii.  (California gets their snow in the form of unrelenting rain.)  The bad weather has slowed work down a little on Queen City Square, but they are making progress toward the first tenant moving in by next spring.  Below is a photo of the building from across what is now slowly becoming the Banks Project on the riverfront.

As you can see, the top is taking shape nicely.  The building will likely have most of its glass mounted by the time work begins on the tiara at the top.  Here’s another picture from across Ft. Washington Way at Great American Ball Park.

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My Town Mondays: Final Story Added To Queen City Square

The final story has been poured to the concrete core of the Queen City Square Building.  Next up, they finish the frame, then start the “tiara,” before finally wrapping the last of the building in glass.  These photos were taken all the way across Ft. Washington Way (I-71 and US 50) at Great American Ballpark’s plaza.  The building is just that big, now the tallest building in Cincinnati and still 86 feet shy of its ultimate height.

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