Drunk on the Moon By Paul D. Brazill

British ex-pat Paul D. Brazill delves into the world of the werewolf with his debut, Drunk on the Moon. In it, PI Roman Dalton unwillingly gains a new talent. In the full moon, he becomes a werewolf. This is a bad thing for a cop, not all that dissimilar from Professor Lupin’s difficulties in the Harry Potter series. But this isn’t a tale of wizarding and witchcraft. This is noir, and Dalton has a very noir problem.

Or does he? See, it’s bad for a cop to turn into a man-eating beast once a month, or twice a month in a blue moon. It is, however, very useful for a PI who can solve more difficult problems. Case in point, Dalton is summoned to Australia when a preacher turns out to be less Billy Graham and more Jim Jones than anyone suspected. One full moon later, problem solved.

Brazill’s prose is blunt and hard-edged, reminding me more of Ray Banks than anyone else. To nail that comparison home, Brazill even takes his title from a Tom Waits song, and there is no bigger fan in Britain of Waits than Banks. However, whereas Banks’ work is rooted in rage, Brazill seems to have a love of the dark and bizarre. If more supernatural tomes were written like this, I might be inclined to read more fantasy beyond Potter and True Blood. Until we see that, I’ll settle for Brazill. He knows there really isn’t much difference between noir or the hardboiled and horror.

Ebookery: Paul D. Brazill

Paul D. Brazill’s been a fixture in the crime fiction community for a while now. He recently released his werewolf thriller Drunk on the Moon, then took the extra step of handing the story off to other writers. He also is the brains behind the anthology Brit Grit and is a founding member of the Hardboiled Collective on Amazon. He stops by to tell us what he’s up to and why.
Tell us about Drunk On the Moon and how that came about.
When Dark Valentine Magazine set up over a year ago, they said they were intersted in cross genre stories. I’d wanted to write a noir/werewolf story named after the Tom Waits song, Drunk On The Moon,so this seemed the perfect place to send it.
I wrote three stories in all and combined them to make Drunk On The Moon book one. I thought I had a good idea for a series but I didn’t halve the chops to write it all myself.
I liked what Lee Goldberg was doing with the Dead Man books so I thought about asking other writers to take the baton.
Trestle Press asked me to do something for them and I knew that they were fast movers, so it semed like the right place and the right time.
You’ve also done Brit Grit, an edgy noir anthology. How about the skinny on that?
The stories in Brit Grit-which is like a mini anthology- are what I consider more ME than DOTM. The slices of the absurd side of life,/observational stuff with a twist.
Tell me a little more about Trestle Press.  Their Smashwords page says they do editing, publishing, social media building and so on. Are they a publisher? A collaborator? A services outfit? Inquiring minds wanna know.
I knew of Trestle Press through their work with B R Stateham and other writers. They asked me for something and I sent the stuff to them. I’m not  a business type person so you’d be better asking them.
 You’re an Englishman living in Poland. What brought you there, and what’s it like writing about home from a foreign land?
I did a TEFL course about 10 years ago- in Madrid- and got my first teaching job in Poland. I’ve stayed there since then, though I’ve lived in a few towns. I’m sure being in self imposed exile gives me a good perspective on things that happened when I’m younger though I am pretty discombobulated from modern Britain.
You’ve released DOTM in three parts. Was that to give the readers smaller chunks or did you find the trilogy format natural for this story?
Really, I just wrote  part one. DOTM had become its own entity.The writers that I’ve asked to contrubute have been pretty on the ball. The bite sized books certainly seem to suit ereaders. Julia Madelaine, Allan Leverone,  BR Stateham & Richard Godwin have all contributed cracking, distinctive stories that have greatly improved on mine.