My Summer Vacation

What summer vacation? I still have a day job. But I’m not going to school this summer, so…

How am I spending my summer?

  • Stealing blog post ideas from Neil Smith, like this one, since he stole one of mine.
  • Whip Holland Bay into shape and send off to Agent Who Cannot Be Named Yet.
  • Write not only Kepler #4 but a Kepler novella, both of which you will see later this year.
  • Rewrite Dick’s science fiction novel and…
  • Get Dick’s web site, social media, and assort sundry writer stuff up and running
  • Be ready to run my first 5K race since 1983 by August
  • Get the web development business up and running
  • Ride the Little Miami Trail from downtown Cincinnati to Yellow Springs
  • Prepare for my last year of college, getting the degree I should have finished in the 80’s.
  • Continue to post Game of Thrones spoilers on Twitter. (Oh, shut up. The books have been out since the 1990’s.)