Geek Not Geek

Geek:  I probably know more about Windows than the average person to the point where it’s faster if I never call tech support.

Not geek:  I don’t own a Linux box.

Geek:  I know the most minute details of the Star Trek back story to where the continuity from the last movie to the current one was glaringly obvious to me.

Not geek:  I went to see the new Star Trek in the afternoon to avoid the costumed fans.

Geek:  I religiously watched both versions of Battlestar Galactica when they were out.

Not geek:  I still think the original is crap and prefer the female Starbuck to the original.

Geek:  During the original Mission: Impossible movie, I bellowed at the screen “Those are not even the same thing!!!” when Ving Rhames got all giddy over “the 686 RISC processor with artificial intelligence” on the CIA’s mainframe.

Not geek:  I regularly make fun of myself for that.

Geek:   I used to dress as a Klingon.

Not geek:  Now I just watch NASCAR when I want to drink stupid amounts of beer.

Geek:  I was on the Internet in 1994.

Not geek:  Via AOL on a Packard Bell.

Geek:  I used to MySpace. I Facebook.  I build web sites.  (Can I build one for you?)

Not geek:  Twitter is useless and annoying.

Geek:  I cut my teeth as a writer reading Stephen King, Tom Clancy, and watching science fiction.

Not geek:  I never really read much print SF.

Geek:  I once wanted to write the next Star Trek.

Not geek:  I write crime fiction.

Geek: My stepson informs me that, in German, I am his stepvader, which gives me a kinda cool personal Star Wars reference.

Not geek:  I do not dress like Darth Vader.  (Though sometimes I talk like Darth Sidious.)