Reading On Droid

Not long after I obtained my Droid, I downloaded Kindle for Droid.  Then I downloaded Nook.  Haven’t played with Kindle yet as I own a Kindle.  It’s just easier to read my Amazon offerings on that device.  (Also have downloaded it for PC, but haven’t tested it on Windows 7 yet, either.)  So, I did Nook, reading Bram Stoker’s Dracula.

The verdict?

Meh.  It’s handy having books on my phone.  It’s also pretty cool not having to lug a paperback or a Kindle with me to work.  I just head to the break room or outside and read on my phone.

Nook, like Kindle and the iPad, take advantage of the new mobile screen technology to allow you to “turn a page” with the swipe of a finger.  Tap the corner of the screen, and you can see what “page” you are on.

However, the Nook app has a lot of the same problems the Nook device has.  The Table of Contents links don’t work as advertised.  While it can be useful in a novel such as Dracula, which actually has a table of contents, it’s not necessary.  Dracula, like most novels, is a linear composition.  In a textbook or a short story collection, this could be a problem.

Reading on a phone has its advantages, especially in commuter situations.  But I’m not sure Nook is the best app for that.  Then again, I haven’t tried Kindle for Droid yet.  We’ll see.


Lately, I’ve been finding myself working in places where normal cell phone reception isn’t happening.  Lately, I’ve had an itch to try my hand at building mobile apps.  Lately, I’ve wanted a phone that wasn’t…  well…

Just a phone.

This past week, I’d had it.  An important business call went to voice mail because, while ATT covers 97% of America, my house lies in the other 3%.  So, after carefully laying out the facts, as well as plying her with alcohol, I told Nita it was time I made sure the door hit ATT in the ass on the way out moved to her Verizon plan.  Oh, and if I could learn to write mobile apps, I could get a better paying job than the one I have now.

Sufficiently plied with booze informed of the facts, Nita agreed.  So Sunday morning, we went to the Verizon store where we got my Motorola Droid.  As an added bonus, we turned on the 3G service.  Just this morning, I figured out how to answer calls.  I’d have done it sooner, but I was busy playing with the Internet.

The Droid is bigger than a lot of phones I’ve had, including the Crackberry BigHugeCo made my lug around.  But it does so much more.  My Gmail goes directly to it.  This blog is rendered quite nicely on the screen.  And I downloaded the Kindle.  So far, looks good.

I haven’t played with all the features yet.  Hell, I’ve been so busy playing with the Internet connection that I haven’t had a chance to turn on my voicemail yet.  I also haven’t tried the phone out as a music player nor do I have any newsfeeds or sports scores streaming to it.


Hey, it’s summer and fair weather for the Cincinnati Reds.  I should probably get on the bandwagon soon.

So does this mean I’ve forsaken the iPhone for the Android platform?

Child, please.  The iPhone’s biggest drawback, besides its antenna, is that it’s on ATT.

And my house still sits in that 3% not covered.