My Town Monday Cincinnati: Price Hill Chili

I’ve worked in Delhi Township for a year now, and not once have I had a chance to dine at Price Hill Chili. Until last week.

Price Hill Chili is like Camp Washington Chili, one of those mom-and-pop chili parlors that has a bigger rep than the chains in some circles. I’d heard about Price Hill Chili a long time ago, but never had an opportunity to visit. After all, it’s on the West Side, and moving between Canada and the US is easier than venturing beyond I-75 from the East Side.

After a stressful morning at work last week, which included a run to Walmart to replace a shirt I spilled coffee on (Didn’t even make it into the building when that happened!), I spotted Price Hill Chili on Glenway. So I made it my lunch destination.

Price Hill Chili is a family-owned chili parlor started in 1962. It is attached to the Golden Fleece Lounge, which is part of the business. As a result, Price Hill has a classier look than other chili parlors, which gives it its own character. Consider Blue Ash Chili and Camp Washington Chili, which both have a raucous fifties diner vibe, or Delhi Chili, which is an old family corner restaurant. Price Hill’s decor and atmosphere is wood paneling, almost like a steak house.  Part of it is to make the restaurant seamless with the Golden Fleece.

Sitting in Price Hill Chili for lunch, though, makes it clear this is a neighborhood institution. Listening to the chatter of the customers around me, I could tell most of the diners had been coming here for lunch probably for decades. For me, I felt the stress of the morning simply melt away as I had my usual four-way onion.

And now to the important part: How was the chili?

Quite good. Price Hill does a thinner chili, typified more famously by Skyline. However, Price Hills seasoning stands out more than Skyline, and the meat is a bit thicker.

I will be back for lunch soon, hopefully without a rotten morning driving me out of work.


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Delhi Chili

I thought I’d make my first My Town Monday post in forever a chili post. Specifically, Delhi Chili, which I first spotted on my way to a job interview. I got the job, and since I drive by the place every day, I took a lunch hour and tried it out.

Delhi (pronounced Dell-high) Chili is located, appropriately, on Delhi Pike in, of all places, Delhi Township. Delhi is a part of Cincinnati’s West Side, a strange land where all boys go to Elder High School and all girls go to Seton, moving away means moving two blocks over from where you grew up, and going anywhere east of I-75 or west of the I-275 Loop means you’ve left town. Which means I’m a foreigner at work. I digress.

Delhi Chili has more in common with its East Side counterpart, Blue Ash Chili. It’s a family restaurant that serves burgers, double-decker sandwiches, and breakfast. The prices are reasonable, slightly more than other local mom-and-pop places. Since trying the place out, I found out they offer an “eight-way,” but I have no idea what it is. For natives and long-time residents, the standard procedure for walking into a chili place is to order a three-way (chili over spaghetti with cheese), a four-way (a three-way with onions or beans), or a five way (a three-way with onions and beans). Northern Kentucky’s Dixie Chili boasts about its six-way, which adds fresh garlic to the mix.

I always order a four-way onion and a Diet Coke, so I didn’t even look at the menu. Therefore, I can’t tell you what an eight-way is, but I’m sure someone will enlighten us in the comments.

The store itself is a corner stand that could easily have been a Dairy Queen or a Hardee’s in another life. Since this is a family-owned place, Delhi lacks some of the generic corporate trappings of the chains. But then this is the West Side, where chain restaurants mean LaRosa’s Pizza and Skyline Chili, both local eateries. As such, it’s a more comfortable place with a staff that seems familiar even on your first visit.

So how’s the chili?

Delhi has a thinner chili that, like most of the independent chili places in Cincinnati, is heavier on the spices and cinnamon than some of the bigger places. It’s a meaty chili. While it has a similar taste and consistency to Skyline, the meat makes the difference.

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The Best Of MTM Cincinnati: The Chili Wars – Chain Edition

Possibly the most popular My Town Mondays post on this blog to date. – Jim

A couple of weeks ago, I told you about Cincinnati-style chili.  I also passed on posting a recipe, since I’ve never made it from scratch.  George Matthai, in the comments section, offered one of his own.  I also promised to give you a run-down of the different chains and a few indie shops.  Today, I look at the chains after the jump.

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