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writersatworkThis past weekend, on Valentine’s Day, in fact, my writer’s group tried something new. We had a Write In.

Now most of you are familiar with sit ins, where protesters occupy a building and sit down, making it difficult to function for those who work there. The 1960s also brought us the love in, which had more to do with free love and lots of anonymous sex than with protesting, and the be in, which I don’t think was ever really defined. Or maybe that was the point. I came up during the Reagan Era, so we were well on our way to becoming the mopey, flannel-shirt wearing GenXrs we were destined to be. Here we are now. Entertain us.

Well, there we were in a library in Loveland, Ohio, hopefully to entertain you at some point. The idea was the brainchild of spec fic writer Athena Grayson. She and Jennette Marie Powell had been part of another group that still reserved the space despite disbanding in December. We took over their normal meeting room with some of the refugees from the other group joining us, plugged in our laptops, and started pecking away. All of us have something we’re working on. I started on “Dick’s” latest new short story, a tail of a man who grows replacement organs in his basement. Which the powerful healthcare lobby doesn’t like much. I tells ya, we’re getting screwed by Big Organ. (*Ahem!*) Anywho…

There was about an hour where the room was almost silent, except for the clacking of various keys. I got 500 words in, probably could have done 1000, but this is a new story. I’ll be working on it later today (Sunday) provided work lets me get away from some problem servers.

A write in is a new concept to me. The only write-ins I was familiar with before were the times I wrote in an unknown for president one year, a candidate for local prosecutor with the sitting prosecutor resigned after the filing date, and Jimmy Flynt against unopposed, porno-hating Sheriff Simon Leis.

Our group is informal and growing. In the beginning, I worried there was too much testosterone as it was me, two guys I went to college with, and a buddy from my cosplay days 20 years earlier. Now, lots of estrogen flowing. We will need to recruit some more dudes before too long. But it’s fun, almost no rules, and keeps us all from working in a vacuum.


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  1. I got 350 words! Which is good considering it took half the meeting time for my limping-along netbook just to boot up and recognize my flash drive. After I got home, I ordered a new laptop. We need to do this again so I can use it!

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