Holland Bay Away! Almost

red-inked manuscript

(C) 2008 Nic McPhee, used under Creative Commons

The manuscript is tweaked. The final new scenes have been added. Holland Bay is ready to return to the agent.


Before you sub it, proof it. (And I’m sure there are a few short story editors seeing this and saying, “When the hell has Winter ever proofed his work?”) The last thing you want to do is send in a manuscript with an ungodly amount of typos in it. And there will be typos. You can’t get them all. Maybe a copy editor or the poor intern stuck proofreading the final edit can get them all. My TBR stack says no, they don’t always get them.

A funny thing happened on the way to this latest final draft. (It’s not really final until it’s published.) I’m actually making more corrections to scenes she’s already looked at than the new ones. It’s not absolute. The new scenes have missing words in places or lines where I typed too fast and scrambled the word order. Those are typical early draft errors. But things like word choices in the older scenes are cropping up. Referring to something as “it” instead of “he,” “she,” or the dreaded singular third-person “they.” (Actually, my agent won’t accept them. “Dick,” being independent, can use it all he wants.) It’s not a bad thing, but it strikes me as odd that I’m proofing scenes I’d already written and vetted before I began this latest round of revisions.

Some time before this weekend, I will send Holland Bay back to my agent. If she likes it, you’ll know who she is soon enough. If she doesn’t…


Gypsy’s Kiss might not be my last independent release.