2015 For Jim

Most people make resolutions. I make goals. I actually met a few of them ahead of time this year. So what’s in store for Jim?

  • Winter’s Quarterly, the first of which goes live as we pass into 2015. You get four of these puppies this year.
  • Nick Kepler comes to an end in February with the release of Gypsy’s Kiss.
  • Speaking of Kepler, I plan to put him together in one neat package, The Kepler Omnibus. Then that’s it for Jimmy Winter as an independent author.
  • “Dick” will release four novellas in advance of the science fiction novel I wrote last year.
  • Holland Bay will finally go to an agent. How will that turn out? Stay tuned.
  • In April, I will finish the bachelors degree I should have finished several presidents ago.
  • This summer, as part of my plan to run the 2016 Flying Pig Marathon, I plan to run my first half marathon. Originally, this was going to be the Flying Pig, but illness has thrown off my training schedule.
  • Aaaaaaand in June, I will celebrate seven years of marriage to Nita.