Friday Reviews: 7 Grams of Lead by Keith Thomson

7 Grams of Lead by Keith Thomson7 Grams of Lead

Keith Thomson

Russ Thornton blogs about spies. He’s not a conspiracy theorist. It’s his job. So when he notices a scientist was shot with a 7-gram lead bullet (unusual if you now anything about guns and ammo), the bad guys plant an eavesdropping device.

In his head. With the help of an NSA hacker, he discovers a former senate candidate has a similar one in her head. When they have them removed, it becomes a cat and mouse game across the Caribbean as they try to outwit a cold-hearted entrepreneur named Canning. Canning has two things on his mind: Revenge and money, and he wants both from a terrorist set on attacking Washington, DC with an electro-magnetic pulse.

Thornton knows an awful lot about spycraft for someone not a veteran of black ops. Then again, his love interest is a beautiful tech billionaire who proves every bit as resourceful as Thornton himself. Canning is a sociopathic genius whose insight sometimes strains credibility. But this thriller is a twenty-first century answer to James Bond with all the tech geekery of Tom Clancy at his finest. But Thomson keeps things moving, detailed in his tech wizardry without getting bogged down in it, and nowhere nearly as dry as Ian Fleming. The sexual tension between Thornton and Beryl Mallery is delicious while Canning makes Hannibal Lecter look like a nice guy with an eating disorder. There’s a movie in this somewhere.