Get Into Jim’s Shorts!

Boxer briefs

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Starting today, I will be posting a new short story on this site. For free.


My gift to you. Just click the tab labeled “Get Into Jim’s Shorts” and enjoy!

Why? A couple of reasons. First, there is an absolute dearth of paying crime fiction markets out there. Ellery Queen and Alfred Hitchcock are the two biggies, and getting into them is harder than getting cheap seats for the Super Bowl when it’s not held in a cold weather venue. The other three require stories longer than I am willing to write. Things are moving on Holland Bay, and I also have to go be my own Richard Bachman (whose science fiction has a much bigger field of paying markets for collecting rejection slips.) Besides, with the exception of one, the pay is lousy. So if I’m going to work for free, why not pay myself to do it? I can afford that salary.

“Well, gee, Jim, if you’re griping about payment, why post stories for free?”

Glad you asked that. It’s all part of Homie’s master plan to… Whoops. That’s Damon Wayans. I’ll find another plan to bop the man. Actually, I have two more Kepler books to put out, Gypsy’s Kiss and The Kepler Omnibus. And that will be it for Nick Kepler. Maybe. Who knows what happens to him after he rides off into the sunset?

But beyond that? I plan to take the previous three month’s stories posted here and compile them into Winter’s Quarterly. Hey, if Dean Wesley Smith can do it, why can’t I? Winter’s Quarterly will appear early next year with three stories culled from the previous six months, maybe more. Maybe less. Who knows? It’s something to play around with, and something I think readers can have a little more input in creating.

The shorts begin today with “Violet,” about a girl trapped in a life of prostitution. Ripped from the headlines? Well, actually, I got the idea from a former coworker whose husband, a Cincinnati cop, has worked several operations against prostitution rings where the girls work as literal slaves. And if you pay close attention, you might get a hint about what’s inside Holland Bay.