No Kidding: Nick’s Gonna Die Without Your Help

Second Hand GoodsYes, I’m ending the Nick Kepler series with the upcoming novella Gypsy’s Kiss. You get to decide how it ends. How?

Second Hand Goods is the dark horse of the three full novels. In it, Nick finds himself dealing with car thieves, Russian thugs (back before the Russians became cliche. Bastards.), and a beautiful client who may not be a client at all. During all this, he has to protect his car thief buddy Lenny, hide a dead body stuffed in the trunk of a stolen limo, and enlist the help of a former employee he had to fire. Something about lesbian strippers and a lawsuit and… Let’s just forget about that at a moment.

All during this chaos, Nick and his partner Elaine begin to realize they’re more than business partners. How much more?

Well, see, finding out is how you’re going to decide to save Nick’s life. Yes, I want to see 50 copies – in any format – of Second Hand Goods sold by August 15. If enough people buy a copy, Nick lives. Otherwise…

I know. I’m a bastard. Or am I? I’m giving you a say in his fate.

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