To Myself, Without Whose Hard Work, I Could Never Have Done This



Lately, I’ve thought a lot about dedications. I have a Kepler novella due out in the fall. I have to revise and polish the SF novel. And I have other sundry projects under wraps. And I’ve wondered who I should dedicate them to when they reach book form.

Northcoast Shakedown was dedicated to my parents. Road Rules was dedicated to Nita and AJ as I had just married Nita when I finally published that one. Both the remaining Kepler novels are dedicated to Nita. The Compleat Kepler was dedicated to Li’l Sis for completely remaking the cover concept for the Kepler novels. The Compleat Winter was dedicated to three of my editors and CrimeSpot webmaster Graham Powell. Obviously, I’m overwhelmingly biased toward my wife (whom I didn’t know at all when Northcoast had its original run.) But I have started to look at those who’ve helped me out over the years. Even Holland Bay has a dedication to someone who helped me out. (Not saying who until it’s ready to go public.)

Dedication to Teddy Roosevelt's left nut


I often wonder how writers choose who gets the dedication. As I said before, I’m biased toward my wife, who puts up with my neuroses on a daily basis. Many writers are. John Scalzi dedicates most of his work to his wife and daughter (both of whom I’ve met once. They’re very nice, especially since they share John with the rest of the world.)

I’ve shared a dedication with two other writers, Ken Bruen’s Cross. There’s nothing quite like opening a book to see your name on the dedication page. There’s also nothing quite like seeing someone’s eyes light up when they learn you’ve dedicated a book to them as well.

One thing I haven’t seen is the selling of book dedications. I’m sure it’s being considered. Buy a book dedication for $X. Even if it is done, you seldom hear about it. I think most writers, even the most mercenary among us, think it cheapens the idea of dedicating books.




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  1. I’ve never done a dedication, and tend to be scant in the acknowledgements–I’m always afraid I’ll forget someone. However, my next book is getting a dedication–to the memory of my last dog. Mainly because he inspired it.

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