Back That @$$ Up

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Maybe a bit extreme. From

This past weekend, I did a reread of the novella version of “Gypsy’s Kiss.” The ending is missing. It’s not the ending in the current version. There’s a really sweet scene where Kepler gives former call girl a dollar to formally end her career. The dollar was a silver dollar given to Nick by his grandmother.

And now it does not exist. I jumped on my tower, where I keep all my permanent copies. Nope. It’s gone. It’s not on my laptop. Not on the thumb drive, where everything I’m currently working on lives.

I’ve generally been pretty good about backing things up. Finish a story or an article, copy it to the tower. It’s saved my butt plenty of times. On the other hand, I’ve been good about not taking backup drives into work. Medishack would not have approved, and I’m pretty sure my new employer wouldn’t take kindly to it. Walking out with a portable hard drive in your pocket is likely to cause some suspicion. I could do this at BigHugeCo because I’d been there for over a decade and openly said I stashed my personal backups in my desk. No one was in a hurry to read the early drafts of Holland Bay.

Blue screen o' death

What could possibly go wrong?

They say if it’s important to you, back it up three times, at least one backup offsite. For some things, that’s difficult. Amazon and Dropbox give you a few GB of space for free, as does Google, but it starts getting pricey when you consider I have a huge music collection, having replaced much of my vinyl and cassette with downloads. Still, it’s something I have to rethink. I’m looking for editing work, for covers for hire, and to start building web sites again on the side. Clients have a right to expect their data is being stored somewhere safe and secure.