Two Writers In My Skull

I had fun with a thread called “My Dick is writing a novel,” which eventually became about my attempt to write my first science fiction novel. I recently finished a reread of the current draft and was actually pleased. When I finished it some months back, I had a serious case of I-suck-itis.

As I worked on this, I also started building the web site for “Dick.” (I have a name for “Jim Winter” in mind to use on that blog.) The problem is…

No content.

The month of May was spent preparing Holland Bay for an agent I’ve begun a-wooing. So no short stories, no novellas, not even any nonfiction work. I’m of the belief that a writer should really wait until he or she has something to offer readers before blogging. When I worked on Northcoast Shakedown about 14 years ago, writing about one’s first novel in progress was new, unusual. Now everyone does it. So Dick will not have anything to say until that first novella is coming soon to an e-reader near you.

The question now is whether I’ve bitten off more than I can chew. Between a new job, the need to ramp some side business, and finishing my business degree, writing tends to get squeezed. So now I have two identities I’ve planned to keep separate for now.

I’m not whining about it, but doing this shows the pitfalls of writing under two names. I have my reasons for being less than public about the other name’s identity. Twice the work? Probably.