Who Is…?

One of the things the experts (The real ones like Kristen Lamb or Dean Wesley Smith, not the idiot telling you to bombard people with eighty promos a day) tell independent authors and traditional authors alike is to identify yourself. Call it branding, but when you put your name out there, even a pen name (especially a pen name), you should really have a sense of what you want to reveal to your readership.


For the six readers across the world who have enjoyed my books, and those on the fence about buying them, here now is…


  • Winter is snarky.
  • Winter writes dark, depressing stuff and makes you love him for it.
  • Winter is an angry man who has little patience for angry people.
  • Winter knows that certainty is a myth.
  • Winter will kill you fictionally if he thinks there’s a good story in it. Nothing personal.
  • Winter spins stories with bad language, gratuitous sex, and irrational violence.
  • Winter ain’t got time for that.
  • Winter loves your sacred cows. Over a gas flame with his wife’s secret spice blend and served with a baked potato and an ice cold beer on his patio, followed by a Nita Rita.
  • Winter thinks Karl Marx and Milton Friedman were the biggest pinheads in history.
  • Winter does not believe in Zeus.
  • Winter has no brand loyalty. (Though Volkswagen is making a really good case for an exception.)
  • Winter does not keep up with the Joneses. Screw Jones.
  • Winter is rock and roll.