Naked And Unafraid


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Last weekend, after the Valentine’s Day festivities fested themselves out, Nita had to go to a family function in Harlan, Kentucky. I would have gone, but I had a Saturday morning class. When I came back, AJ would be gone for the weekend. What did this mean?

Jim’s got the whole place to himself!

Pizza! Beer! Por-… er, um, movies! Loud music!

Um… Sort of.

I realized that, with Valentine’s Day, plus work, doctors appointments, and a visit from the plumber, no one would have time to hit the groceries. No problem. I would do that after class on Saturday.

Except I’d scheduled a writer’s group meeting for that afternoon. So I scrambled to get groceries, get them put away, and over to the meeting in time.

Here’s where the weekend went off the rails. No one showed up except Li’l Sis, who was trapped in a traffic jam in sight of where the meeting took place. We did have snow the night before, but I sat in a crappy Chinese place for an hour before adjourning to a place with a bar and better food. So at least Li’l Sis got a decent lunch and a beer. But that pushed the meeting back late. With all I had planned for the afternoon, I did not get home until 6. And then…

Workout. Order pizza. Pour beer. And hey, I got the house to myself. I could walk around the house naked if I wanted!

Um… That loses its appeal around 30. And I turned 30 during the Clinton administration, so… Oh, well. It made laundry easier to do.

It was supposed to be a big writing night. I drank some beer, wrote a scene, and watched the Beatles Fiftieth Anniversary Special again. Then I fell asleep.

Sunday morning turned out better. I had the entire house to myself, no distractions but classical music. I divided my time between writing a scene in Dick’s science fiction project, the blog, and reading the second volume of Mark Twain’s autobiography. Yeah, I lead an exciting life.

At least Nita didn’t come home to find out I’ve been pimping Rebecca De Mornay out of our bedroom. And I didn’t have to resort to Looney Toons tactics to scare off burglars.


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  1. I had the house to myself (and the critters) for five days last week and didn’t even meet my writing goals. Or fitness goals. Or side work goals. All I wanted to do was sleep. Must be getting old…. (sigh)

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