Space Stuff: Fahrenheit -35

Road through an avalanche

Photo: Hamed Saber, used under Creative Commons

When I last posted one of these, I was not only back into the narrative, but I was cranking along pretty good. Since then, not even Christmas has stopped me. I was doing good getting in a good 1000-2000 words a day. So what did stop me?

The polar vortex. At first, this was not a problem. After all, it only required I start my car occasionally to keep an aging battery from dying. Day 1 wasn’t so bad. Stay in the house and write when I’m not at work. Day 2?

Required an interminable wait for AAA to fix the battery that I couldn’t keep from failing. This had me out in the cold at 11:30 at night, working with the AAA mechanic. (Moral of the story: Go replace your battery as soon as they predict a cold snap.) This resulted in a 1 AM bedtime and exhaustion the next night. It was hard getting started again.

So where I said outlining helped me overcome the Act II doldrums the week before, I now use it to get back into the story. Every writer faces this. When you’re full time, it’s a bit easier to work around. That’s your day job. Usually, the commute involves walking from the bedroom to the kitchen for breakfast and then to the office, den, or wherever one writes. When you have a day job…

So I am a big believer in outlining. It keeps you in the story.