Update On The Compleat Winter

cover-frontAs I have been resolving cover issues, The Compleat Winter will debut after the New Year. I’m taking a different route this time. The print edition will appear first, followed by the Kindle version. When that happens, all my titles: Road Rules, Northcoast Shakedown, Second Hand Goods, Bad Religion, and The Compleat Kepler will all be available in ebook format for 99 cents. The sale will last until February.

It’s come to my attention that Bad Religion is no longer available in print. This is a glitch with CreateSpace that “retired” the title. I reached my hand through the intrawebs and gave them a stern wag of my finger. Bad Religion is once again available in print.

The next title out of the gate will be the omnibus edition of the first three Kepler novels, The Kepler Casebook. So if you’d like to get your dose of Nick’s adventures in one place, this will be it. Look for The Kepler Casebook in March.

As for the follow-up to Bad Religion, Suicide Solution, I don’t have a time frame on it, but I’d like it to be in the summer of 2014. It depends on how the writing goes, which, as you know, can be unpredictable.