My Most Prized Possession: The iPod

ipodThat device to the right is my iPod Classic. I’ve had this one since 2007, when I lost the original one on a flight home from San Francisco. It’s been my favorite gadget since I bought its predecessor two years earlier. This one has been pretty sweet. It’s accompanied me on road trips, flights, and hikes. When I wrote Road Rules and the aborted Devil’s Dance, I often sat in the Mt. Washington Starbucks tapping away with the Foo Fighters and Pink Floyd blaring in my ear drums.

When I walk or run, I play the iPod, indulging my recent obsessions with the Foos, Marillion, the Stones, and, most recently Rush. (The band, not the bigoted idiot talkshow host.)

It’s also been a boon to my workday. At BigHugeCo, I had a coworker who had extreme positions on both the left and the right, and he wanted you to have them, too. I did not want to have these deep, philosophical discussions with him, mainly because he liked calling anyone who disagreed with him stupid. I started bringing the iPod to work and voila. “I’m sorry, dude. I’d love to chat, but… You know… Led Zeppelin.” “But…” “Hey. I said ‘Zeppelin.’ Conversation over.” Got a lot more work done.

I use it at Medishack, too. Here, I write C# code along with fixing computers and trying to keep the servers from going off the rails. I tend to write more code when I’ve got the tunes flowing. Unlike BigHugeCo, however, where I could simply watch my phone or wait for an email notification to popup before pausing the music, I play the iPod at a fairly low volume. People stop by my desk all the time, and it’s kind of rude when your job entails face-to-face conversations at odd moments only to have you blasting the new Alice in Chains so that you don’t even know someone’s talking to you for five minutes.

One thing I don’t like is my current car, the Princess. It’s too new for a tape deck, but too old to have an audio jack. I suppose I should spend the money and get a new stereo installed, but Princess’s days may be numbered. If I want to listen to my iPod, I have to wear headphones. Too bad, because I would love to get an Audible account and listen to audio books during my commute.

A few people ask why I still have an iPod when phones will now do the same thing. Simple. I have an Android, which doesn’t sync with iTunes. Years of burning iTunes purchases to CD and ripping them back to MP3 to have them on non-Apple devices has resulted in a music collection bloated by multiple duplicates, a situation not helped by Apple’s insistence of making cloud-based versions of some songs available. Do I really need three copies of “Lady Maramlade,” both the Patti LaBelle and Moulin Rouge versions? I know my copy of Metallica’s S&M was originally from a cassette version, but how many copies of “No Leaf Clover” does Apple think I need? I paid for one. I’m good with just the one.

At some point, the iPod will die, as all electronic gadgets do. What will I replace it with?

Right now, it looks like an iPhone.

But it won’t be the same.

One thought on “My Most Prized Possession: The iPod

  1. My old car, which my daughter now drives, is also too old for an audio jack. We use an FM transmitter. Problem solved. Even better, it works with her Zune and all our phones equally well.

    I can’t imagine working at Hangar 18 without my phone and headphones. Too many people socialize around there, including one buffoon who’s as loud as my DH and thinks he’s funny, only unlike my DH, isn’t.

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