It’s The Crap… Crappiest Time Of The Year

clocksDaylight Savings ends tonight. And it leaves us with an extra hour of sleep. Tomorrow begins Standard Time, which steals an hour of sunlight at the end of the day and an hour of sleep on its way out the door.

I’ve never liked Standard Time. It always means driving home in the dark. Of course, I don’t do winter well. The sun is darker, and the days are shorter. I’ve never been a big fan of the cold. The only advantage I can see to Standard Time is that the sun would come up at 9 AM where I live if we stayed on Daylight Savings. Not a loss. I’m already at work. I don’t even have windows at my office.

I propose the following: Ditch Standard Time altogether. Then twice a year, we have a federally-mandated Monday in which employers must give employees an hour to sleep in. Extra sleep, and people won’t have to go home in the dark.


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