Time To Lay Off 535 People


Let’s be honest. The government shutdown should not have happened. There is no excuse for it. Not. A single. One. The Tea Party’s true believers will howl with agony when I say this, but it really is their fault. When you do not represent the majority of Americans, yet you want to throw the economy into chaos until you get your way, you have ceased to be a solution and become a problem to be solved.

Still, Congress consists of 432 representatives (There are currently 3 vacancies) and 100 Senators. Add Vice President Biden to this list, who Constitutionally serves as president of the Senate and is also a point man for the president, and you have 533 people who must be denied any further role in elected national government as of this month. They’re all complicit in this failure. They all must be held accountable. That means they all must lose their jobs.

So beginning in 2014, we, the people, should decide as a whole to remove all 432 sitting members of the House and 33 senators up for reelection. In 2016, not only should no currently sitting senator or congress person be permitted to win election to Congress or the presidency, but the 34 currently sitting senators up for reelection should be removed by the electorate. We then finish the job in 2018 by removing the remaining 33 currently sitting senators.

For those of you in districts where your representative runs unopposed in the general election (I’m looking at you people north of here in Butler County and in Dayton. Time for John Boehner to come home.), you have an opportunity in the coming primaries to use your own party to remove that person. If that doesn’t work, hold your nose and vote for the other guy. You’ll be doing the nation a favor.

It’s time. It’s time to eliminate this most useless bunch of legislators this country has ever had. It’s time to bring up governors, mayors, state legislators, city council members, school board members, local police chiefs and sheriffs, and even the odd whackjob with a bullhorn. When 2016 comes, just say no to senators and representatives. Governors only. Or mayors. Or maybe a really smart business person. Where’s Ross Perot when you need him? If they sat in Congress in October of 2013, they should never hold elected office again.


Will it happen?

Even if it doesn’t, I want to scare the hell out of them.

Here’s another idea I’ll leave you with. Vote only for Greens and Libertarians for secretary of state in your state. Wanna really scare the hell out of the major parties? That would do it.


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