Space Stuff: The Wrath Of Cellulitis

Michigan J Chestburster

Source: Warner Brothers

Yesterday, I wrote about how I let my foot get infected. Assuming I’m not in the ER when this posts, I will likely be up the 35,000 words. Yeah. That’s what getting confined to the recliner gets you. Boo-yah!

Mind you, I’d rather call my boss and say, “Hey, I got some stuff to take care of. I’ll be back on Monday.” I also don’t like being stuck in the same place for 16 hours a day, leaving only to get to to the john, shower, or go to bed. But hey, I was the idiot who didn’t put a bandaid on his toe.

With that unpleasantness out of the way, here’s where I am. In The Hero’s Journey, there is a point called Tests, Allies, and Enemies. My protags are about to meet them. One has met a few of them. The other has only his farmer’s daughter companion, holed up in the wilderness and wondering about his next move.

Oh, wait. I just had someone get the drop on them. Friendlies?

Give me time. If I spell all this out for you, you won’t buy the book.