Space Stuff: Take Me To Your Leader’s Bathroom

alienThe SF novel is chugging along nicely. As of Sunday morning (when I do most of my bloggy stuff), I had 18,000 words, 9 completed chapters, and 76 pages of manuscript in the can.

Speaking of the can, I answered a burning question in one scene. How might an alien species go heed the call of nature? Answer: Discreetly. Second question: What happens if you’re interrupted in that process during combat? Let’s just say that our poor alien interloper meets a fate similar to Elvis Presley’s and leave it for when the book is made available.

The aliens in question are rather human-like. Eventually, that will become plot point, but in this novel, it’s just going to confuse the hell out of everyone concerned, both human and otherwise. The main difference that’s showing up in story is the weaponry. The aliens like heat rays and pistols that shoot bolts of energy. Han Solo would be pleased (and would have shot first. Take notes, Mr. Lucas. This is important.) The humans are using rail guns (kind of like a bazooka crossed with a slingshot) and good old-fashioned bullets. It’s not that our interlopers are that much more advanced than the naked apes from Earth. Each side just uses what’s always worked for them. For humans, we’re good at throwing rocks.

The one goal I had when I started planning this universe was the setting. I wanted a naturalistic setting vs. some variation on The Jetsons. While I didn’t want it to look like Bladerunner, which gets really depressing when you have to look at that for extended periods, I did want it to look recognizable. It’s easier to do in the main setting of the novel, which is out in the boondocks. The technology is lagging behind most of humanity, so I don’t have to explain why cars make noise when they move (or even why they have cars.) After all, that shiny new stuff Micho Kaku predicted in his book, The Physics of the Future, takes infrastructure. That, in turn, takes time to build up.

And now, I have to get back to blowing stuff up.