2013: A Space Stuff Odessey

Computerized manual typewriter

Photo: taziobettin, used under Creative Commons

It was hard getting the SF novel started. The one thing that kept running through my head was that I didn’t have to do this with Holland Bay. Of course I didn’t. I was rewriting an existing story. This is neither Holland Bay (which was not really a joy to work with when it got started) nor was it based on an existing universe, mine or anyone else’s.

One of the things that bothered me was the action scenes. My two main protags are teens each dealing with a different set of circumstances. One is a wealthy runaway who finds himself plunked onto a farm. Another is a girl dealing with her mother’s recent death and living essentially in a tin can. All the action takes place in distant places and serves to end chapters.

At first I worried about this because I wasn’t even making 500 words a sitting. Then I was only making 500 words. Not good. I have only two weeks break before I have to start classes. I did not have more than 25 pages after two weeks. To put this in perspective, in the final stages of the latest Holland Bay draft, I managed 2000, sometimes 3000 words a day. In the final stages of that project, I also knew how it was going to end and couldn’t wait to get there.

And then the pace picked up. I managed two 1000-word days last week. Saturday was a slow day, mainly to get some household chores done and because Nita and I wanted a date night. But the scene I wrote that night resulted in my two teens getting into some trouble – his a parental scolding from thirty light years away, hers something more severe for forging her father’s signature (Trust me. It’s more involved that faking an ink signature) on a school application. Sunday morning, I was able to place shit in dangerous proximity of the proverbial fan. In all likelihood, the two will collide by the time this posts.

Now i just have to deal with night school, which this semester, involves Statistics I (Lies, followed next semester by Statistics II: Damn Lies) and Chemistry, which means Professor Snape gets my Saturday mornings. Fortunately, Snape’s class is accelerated, which means I’m done with him in mid-October. For now, I’m just happy to have the story finally take hold.