Space Stuff: Week 1

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I started on the SF novel last week. As I said before, it was very slow doing the first chapter. It took me four days to get out 1400 words. Then Friday and Saturday, I managed to do almost as much, finishing Chapter 2. My usual Sunday morning writing time yielded another 1000 words.

This comes as an enormous relief, since I worried I might only get a few hundred words done. That would have meant this would have taken almost up to six to nine months. Not an option with Holland Bay due back in the fall for further revision.

Writer Brian Thornton and I were kicking this around last week. We reached the conclusion that this book, which takes place in a different fictional universe, written in a different genre, and even done under a different name, hasn’t had the benefit of several false starts. I did a serious amount of world building ahead of time. I know where these characters live. I just don’t know who lives there yet.

Had I realized this in the 90’s, that you’re perfectly free to suck the first few times you start a book, I’d probably be in my fifteenth year as an SF writer. But I didn’t, so I’m writing this story now.

Unlike Holland Bay, I’m not writing this one in a vacuum. I started a closed writing group of about 5 people, and we’re trading stories back and forth. I’m writing this “with the door closed” as Stephen King says. But I now have a group of people I can whine to when the novel goes slow, and celebrate with when I’m done.


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