Bad Religion: Nick Kepler So Far

BadReligion-ebook600So far, I have managed to put Nick Kepler through the wringer. I’ve taken away the love of his life (“Flight of the Rat”). I had him cover up a murder through blackmail (Northcoast Shakedown). I killed off his best friend. (Second Hand Goods) And I put him in an untenable love triangle while another friend is killed. (Bad Religion) My goal in this series was to send him to hell slowly. Then, eventually, I would slowly bring him back. I had an entire arc mapped out for him, including an ambiguous last scene in the last novel.

The question remains as to whether to continue Nick. I have a new short coming out and a second one awaiting revision. The real question is whether to continue with the novels. A fourth remains outlined, the story of a friend’s husband committing suicide after losing their retirement money in a phoney scheme to develop an abandoned amusement park. Following that, Nick would end up in a confrontation with one of Nikolai Karpov’s enemies that sends him fleeing Cleveland. Then I would send one of the characters, the future Mrs. Kepler, actually (who hasn’t played a major role yet) to go bring him back.

But the question remains whether to do it or not. I’ve just spent the first six months of the year rewriting Holland Bay from scratch. I’m currently working on the SF novel (more on that tomorrow). So what do we do with Nick?

I’ll probably know when Holland Bay goes off to its destination.


3 thoughts on “Bad Religion: Nick Kepler So Far

  1. I’m in much the same situation with my detective character. I wrote four books, nine of which sold, but which described an arc of how a decent man could be worn down by corruption and violence. I went away from the series for a bit, worked the character into another story as a “guest star,” and now have to decide what to do with him. I know how the arc continues, but can’t come up with story ideas I like enough to spend a year or more developing. It’s harder to know what to do about a character than thought it would be. I probably owe some established writers apologies, or would if I’d ever expressed my thoughts to them.

    Good luck.

  2. I like Kepler. A lot. Always have. I’m currently reading THE COMPLETE KEPLER and enjoying it. I’d vote for keeping him. As you may know (or not), I’m bringing back Jack Brady. I’ve aged him real time, so now he’s 65 and slowing down physically. I’ve also relocated him from El Paso to Jacksonville, FL, so he could stay near his daughter’s family and taken him from straight PI work to more security-centered work. It’s a little tough getting back into it without having to do a lot of exposition. I’ve really got to watch myself. Maybe I’ll put all that into a JACK BRADY: THE LOST YEARS book.

  3. I’m glad to see this isn’t it for Kepler. But since you now have a trilogy, I’d just let the other stuff sit until he’s clamoring the loudest for his story to be written next! At least, that’s how I’ve usually gone about it…

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