Holland Bay: The Home Stretch

I had an ambitious plan when fall semester ended last year. I planned to write long stretches of the new draft of Holland Bay from Thanksgiving through Christmas into the New Year.

G’wan. Ask me how that worked. G’wan.

Holland Bay moved in fits and starts as Spring semester began. It might have been finished in February or March when I took an anthropology class that put little demand on my time. But the class ended, and I found myself in a marketing class that crammed a 14-week semester’s worth of material into 7 weeks.

Then it ended. Suddenly, I had lunch hours free for writing. Not only that, our long, bizarre spate of cold April weather ended, so now I could go to a nearby during that lunch break. Which is good. Because I had zero patience for trying to write while listening to the Glenn Beck Fan Club pat themselves on the back for rooting out the socialist conspiracy or some other paranoid bullshit that raises my blood pressure.

So for two weeks, on work days, I’ve been able to write double my normal output, by adding an equal amount at lunchtime that I wrote at home. And then came birthday weekend.

Since I know how the story is supposed to end and had already written very nearly the minimum length for a novel, I was able to double my output yet again. (Do not try this at home.) Result?

Holland Bay will likely be finished this weekend. This draft is more a second first draft than a second draft of the original. But going back to 2000 words a day during the week with a little more on the weekend will bring this puppy in.

Which is good. For some inexplicable reason, I took summer classes this year.

Yeah. That’s going to be rough for writing.

At least now I can do it in my favorite writing place: The patio.