Life At 47

babyjimWow! 47? Where did the time go? Maybe I should start building my retirement fund soon.

I thought about forgoing a birthday post today, but then I do them for my wife and kid, and I’ve done them for myself for the last five years. So how did I tick off another mile marker in the marathon of life?

I spent the weekend writing, generally avoiding overwrought phrases like “tick off another mile marker in the marathon of life.”

So am I older, wiser? Shorter of breath and one day closer to death? Will AJ need to start pricing nursing homes in a few years?

Well, let’s take a look.

  • When I was a teenager, I used to air guitar on the mistaken fantasy that I would learn the actual instrument and become a rock god. At 47, I still air guitar if the right song comes on. Thank you, Dave Grohl and Shirley Manson. Thank you.
  • In my mid-twenties, finally in a more urban setting than Cleveland’s suburban Medina County, I got to indulge my childhood obsession with Star Trek by engaging in cosplay for a couple of years. At 47, I try to catch matinees of the new Star Trek films because I’m there to see a movie, not join the Romulan Star Empire.
  • In my late teens and early twenties, I absolutely worshiped Deep Purple, despite the fact that I thought Ritchie Blackmore was the second biggest asshole in rock (the first being Axl Rose.) At 47, my musical tastes run more towards grunge bands from the 1990’s, anything obscure that Daryl Hall digs up for his show, and the odd Sunday morning listening to classical.
  • Not understanding the financial aid system or that it wasn’t all that far to my chosen campus at 18, I did not become a college dropout until I was 30 and did not have a degree until 15 years after that. At 47, I’m two years from a business degree I probably should have had when I was 22.
  • When I was a kid, I was the scifi nerd at school. At 47, I’m planning my first scifi novel.
  • At 24, I lusted after nerdy girls, but liked hanging out with the hair metal chicks. At 47, I’m married a hair metal chick.
  • In 1991, I moved to Cincinnati to marry the love of my life. At 47, I’ve been married to her for five years.

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