Thursday Reviews: Out Of Sight by Elmore Leonard

Federal Marshal Karen Sisco ends up in the trunk of a car with fugitive Jack Foley, who has just escaped prison in the Florida Everglades. It’s a strange encounter for Sisco. It’s her job to arrest Foley. On the other hand, when Foley gets away, she wonders how things might have been different if they met under different circumstances.

She soon finds out when one of Foley’s accomplices heads north to Detroit for a heist. For Sisco, it results in a difficult assignment for the Florida-based marshal. It’s Superbowl weekend in Detroit, which, for the Rust Belt, means cold and snow. Sisco’s fugitives have trouble adjusting, and so does she. She also finds herself crossing paths again with Foley. What happens?

It gets messy as Foley’s cohort goes north thinking of an easy heist against a bragging former convict and ends up in a home invasion. And Foley? What happens when the fugitive and his pursuer take a time-out?