Remission: Setbacks

The last three weeks or so have seen my weight roll back to about 260 pounds after bottoming out at 252. This is where most plans to lose weight go off the rails.

But I’m supposed to keep losing weight!” people will cry.

I’m happy. I can run a couple of miles with no problem, unless my hamstrings get a little tight. I’m coming up on my birthday, which means lots of food, lots of booze, and damned little exercise. I’ve even stopped calorie counting because I go over every other day. I do try to keep my intake down. Protein bars and bananas are a big part of my diet.

I had a plan coming in, though. Originally, when I thought I would be taking off from school this summer, I intended to dust off the P90X kit downstairs. Then I discovered that a couple of the workouts take 90 minutes. 90-minute workout + school = not happening. But P90X is put out by Beach Body, the fitness juggernaut burning up the informercial time slots in recent years. They have other workouts, the Beach Body workout (hence the name) and one that does not require equipment, Insanity. It just so happens a friend of mine, Mindy Chislow, resells Beach Body and is a fitness fanatic. In fact, it’s her career. So I asked her if Insanity was a good substitute for P90X.

It is. An hour, and without equipment, is easier to work in than 90 minutes. So I’ll be doing the Insanity 30-day workout. It’s different from the slow buildup to running 2-3 miles a night.

It also helps that Nita is working out how she wants to attack her health problems. She wants to look how she did when we dated. (Never mind that she’s still beautiful.) I would prefer not to as she married me when I was at 275 pounds. And that was down from a peak of 305. But having someone in the house who needs to revamp her eating and exercise habits makes things easier. We can parallel our diets. It also means we aren’t buying a lot of food that only one of us is going to eat.

Right now, running and biking the Little Miami Trail are keeping me from becoming the Expanding Man once again.


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