Holland Bay Thus Far

One of my early goals for the year was to get Holland Bay completely rewritten by Valentine’s Day. Ask me how that went. G’wan. Ask me.

Wilmington College has a four week break between Fall and Spring semesters. I decided I would take all that time I spent writing essays and reading short stories and doing case studies to go all out and write a new Holland Bay from scratch. I had an ambitious goal of cramming 90,000 words into a time from Thanksgiving weekend to the week after New Year’s, then spending maybe a month to finish up.

I got reminded why it took almost three months to finish Northcoast Shakedown, Second Hand Goods, and Bad Religion in first draft. I might have all this time to sit and write, but there’s a limit to what I can write. I’m writing this post on Sunday, waiting for the Superbowl to begin (and procrastinating doing a run). I wrote two scenes this morning, but beyond that, I had to shift gears. A blog post is not a work of fiction. It’s basically like a newspaper column (if you do it right.) So I don’t have to exert myself mentally the way I do writing a novel or a short story.

So instead of 90,000 words, I have 25,000. My pace is picking up, and I’m building momentum, but it was slow-going getting started. Most of what I’ve written came in the last thirty days. It just goes to prove you can’t plan this stuff. And it’s not like when I started writing, when I’d often come home from a second job and park at the computer to wind down from a long day.

As long as this isn’t a chore, though, I’ll keep doing this.