The Compleat Kepler Arrives

cover-smallerWhile you wait for me to release Bad Religion, I’ve put every Kepler short story into a neat little collection called The Compleat Kepler. And it can be yours for only $3.99. So what’s this all about?

“Race Card” – A deputy sheriff reluctantly comes to Kepler for help when someone starts threatening him and his family. And the most likely suspect is one of Kepler’s fellow gym rats.

“Valentine’s Day” – When is a client not a client? When she becomes a tad too obsessed with Nick.

“A Walk in the Rain” – A childhood friend asks Nick Kepler to solve a bloody problem for her.

“Just Like Suicide” – Kepler does not appreciate getting conned into setting up a mob hit.

“Wring That Neck” – A missing persons case leads Kepler to the heart of Ohio’s Amish country.

“Full Moon Boogie” – The trail of a missing author leads to Ohio’s remote Hocking Hills forest. And a naked witch.

“Flight of the Rat” – 9/11 at an airport is the worst possible time and place for fugitive recovery.

“Demon’s Eye” – A missing necklace leads Kepler and a suburban cop to a bookstore.

“Cold Cocked” – Kepler is framed for murder when he and a Homicide detective try to fake a death. Nick’s only way out is to trick a rival detective into admitting his unusual plan to make lieutenant.

“Roofies” – Harry Long has a bad habit involving some unwitting strippers and a date rape drug.

“Might Just Take Your Life” – Revenge. On a deserted rural highway.

“Love Don’t Mean a Thing” – Kepler enjoys a newly liberated divorcee’s attention, but her ex has other plans.

“Lady Luck” – Kepler races the Russian mob to Indiana’s gambling boats to bring back a wayward husband.