It’s Ease Of Use, Stupid

I’ve heard a lot of complaining that Amazon is out to conquer publishing and obtain a monopoly. That may be true, but there’s a nasty anti-trust lawsuit at the far end of that tunnel. However, it won’t be Amazon’s fault.

It’s Apple’s. And it’s Barnes & Noble’s. And it’s Smashwords’. Why?

I read my books on Kindle. Why? Go to Amazon, find a book, and use the one-click. Moments later, that book is available on the cloud reader, on my old-school e-ink reader, my phone, all my computers… Now, you may point out Amazon’s dubious one-click patent, but that’s hardly a deal killer. What’s a deal killer is that I can’t do this with Nook. There’s a Nook app, but I have to go out and look for whatever I bought every time I want to read it on a different device. With Kindle, I can just click on a book, and if it’s not there, it downloads. Smashwords has no app to keep track of your purchases and port them into Adobe Editions. And iBooks? I haven’t used it, but since it’s not available on Android, my phone platform of choice, that’s a fail.

If you want to know why Amazon is heading for a monopoly, it’s because I can read my Kindle purchases anytime, anywhere, on almost any device. Almost every other ebook device and app uses the non-proprietary epub format. Before you declare war on Amazon, you need to do something much more important.

Step up.

Because I, the consumer, owe you nothing.


2 thoughts on “It’s Ease Of Use, Stupid

  1. It’s not complicated. Amazon has made things easier and less expensive. That’s a tough combination to beat. I wish they’d treat their employees better–that business with the warehouse in Pennsylvania was a disgrace–so I wish someone would step up and provide real competition so I’d have somewhere else to go if their business practices offend my sensibilities, but right now they’re the 500-pound gorilla, and deservedly so.

  2. With you 100%, Jim. I wish I could support B&N, but the Nook app is nowhere near as good as the Kindle app, so why would I want to buy a Nook? None of the other retailers’ online shopping experience is as good either, and let’s stop at a mention of B&N’s online customer service before I launch into a major rant. Amazon’s the bar they need to meet if they want to survive.

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