The Year In Jim

As 2012 winds to a close, it’s time to take a look back and see where we’ve been and how far we come. Today, I’ll share where I’ve been – ‘Cuz it’s all about me, of course. Tomorrow we’ll look at the world.

January – I boldly predict I will have a short story a month published and six science fiction sales. G’wan. Ask me how that one worked out. Ask me.

February – Nita and I celebrate the fourth anniversary of our first date.

March – You know that superbug that’s supposed to decimate the human race in a matter of weeks that scientists keep warning us about? I think I catch this in March. It takes me a week to fully recover.

April – New Android!!!! I am such a geek.

May – AJ graduates high school. I’ve only been a stepdad for four years, but it’s overwhelming watching him become an adult.

June – Four months after the fourth anniversary of our first date, Nita and I celebrate our fourth wedding anniversary.

July – At our high school reunion, an alarming number of my classmates now look like their grandparents.

August – AJ starts school at UC Blue Ash. I start at Wilmington College, Cincinnati. We now have three college students under our roof.

September – I buy an iMac. It’s awesome!

October – I attempt to fix the fence in the backyard. I’ll finish it in the spring.

November – I voted for Obama. Because I didn’t feel like setting women’s rights back to 1950 when daylight savings ended this year.

December – Work on Holland Bay resumes in earnest. Maybe. If I can find time.


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