Stop The Insanity!

Read this carefully and memorize it: People who say there is a war on Christmas are not Christians.

Nope. Sorry.

If someone says “Happy Holidays” to you, and you fail to accept the greeting in the spirit intended, which incidentally is the spirit of Christmas, you are a very bad person. I use “Happy Holidays” and “Merry Christmas” interchangeably. If you call me out for using the wrong phrase, I will take it back in exchange for another phrase. If you’re lucky, that phrase will be “Go to Hell!” (Hey, you’re already headed there anyway.) More likely, my alternate response will be brought to you by the letters “F” and “U.”

Before someone gets all indignant and quotes scripture to me, save your breath. I’ve read six translations of the Bible cover-to-cover. (One of them the King James Version.) The subject never comes up.


Nope. Sorry.

So don’t be an asshole. If someone says “Happy Holidays,” take their suggestion. Have a merry Christmas.


2 thoughts on “Stop The Insanity!

  1. Agree completely. Given where I live and work, there’s a pretty good chance anyone I see but don’t know personally may not celebrate Christmas, since there are fairly large Jewish, Muslim, and other populations in the area. If I see someone I know is a Christian, I say “Merry Christmas.” Everyone else gets Happy Holidays.

  2. “Happy holidays” is nice and inclusive. And for those who insist it’s a war on Christmas, “happy holidays” is a lot more succinct than “merry Christmas and happy new year.”

    Oddly enough, I’m listening to a KMFDM song called “Go to Hell” as I type this. Hmmm…. LOL

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