When Black Friday Comes…

I’ll be sleeping in.

I honestly don’t get the orgy of consumer panic that happens the day after Thanksgiving every year. Why should I camp out in Walmart’s parking lot just to get in at 4AM to risk death by trampling for the chance to buy a $30 big screen TV?

There are two days I don’t do Christmas shopping: Today and Christmas Eve. The mall resembles US Bank Arena right before the 1979 Who concert, often with the same tragic results.

I did shop on Black Friday once. I woke up around 9 AM, booted my laptop, and went through Nita and AJ’s Christmas lists, clicking links and placing orders. No crowds. Took me about half an hour. This year, we did this process in September.

But if you insist on diving into the fray this year, here’s a little travelin’ music for you…