Remission: Spitting In The Devil’s Face

A couple of weeks ago, I got into a discussion about Mayor Mike Bloomberg’s ban on 20-ounce sodas in New York. I said that next time I went to Manhattan, I would buy a 2-liter of Coke and drink it on the steps of Gracie Mansion (the mayor’s residence). “It’ll put me in a diabetic coma, but it’ll be worth it.”

Someone took offense at that. “If you had diabetes, you wouldn’t think that was funny.”

I responded that I had Type II and was well aware what the risks were. Oops.

What some people don’t understand is when you have a condition like that, you have two options: Cry “Woe is me!” or laugh at it. If I had cancer, I’d be making jokes about it. The trouble is some people squirm when you do that. Much of it is political correctness. People assume that you can only make jokes about something like that if you have that particular condition, and people who have that condition don’t think it’s funny.

Well, no, it’s not funny, but I reject your attempts to deprive me of fighting back with humor. It does no good to sit around and be somber about it. Besides, my condition is one that is quite likely reversible. Why should I not joke about it? Much of the humor is at my own expense. There are those who suggest I might not be taking things seriously enough. However, I’ve learned that taking things too seriously has worse side effects than most medications.

3 thoughts on “Remission: Spitting In The Devil’s Face

  1. I’ll get you back on this. I’m also diabetic, though it’s under control. I use that line, or something similar, in a variety of contexts. Have for years, even before I was diagnosed. Life is too short to self-censor everything because someone, somewhere, might get a bug up their ass. There are people who want everything we say and do to be sweetness and light, with rainbows and unicorns and no one ever being offended. We’d all be diabetic then. Maybe then we could kid about it.

  2. Can I sit beside you and drink a Mtn Dew? LOL love it! And the humor. The greatest threat to free speech in this country is political correctness. I’m all for being respectful and inclusive but some take way too far.

    • Jen, I found out this past weekend I had not been drinking Pepsi Max (my fallback when we run out of Coke Zero). Other than feeling a little woozy after the second or third glass, I was fine.

      Besides, I still drink beer, which probably drives my doctor up a tree.

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