Remission: Too Dark To Run?

Running at night

Source: Sjorgen’s Syndrome Foundation, used under Creative Commons

My running plans for the summer did not pan out the way I wanted. I decided in September I’d try again in February. Why February?

February in this part of Ohio tends to be warmer. Some years, we have frequent snow. We did this year. Usually, though, the spring thaw starts a little early In Cincinnati, the February weather hazard is rain. I can deal with rain.

But February has one advantage November does not have. Lengthening days.

If I had been able to sustain my running habit a little better, this would not be an issue. Once in proper shape, I have no problem with running out in the deep freeze in the dark. But after sunset, which this weekend will start around 6 PM and progress until 5:18 by the Winter Solstice (or the end of the world, if the doomsday prophets are right about the Mayan calendar), I don’t really feel like dodging traffic, catching my breath, and dealing with shin splints all while hoping I can find my way around some of the less-lighted sections of the neighborhood. It’s not that I’m lazy. I just want more sunlight. In February, the weather is getting warmer and warmer as the days get longer.

So instead, I’ll be using the resistance band, doing situps (which I should be doing anyway), and taking the odd lunchtime walk, even though it’ll be cold as hell from December through Ground Hog Day. Our exercise setup is handy. It centers on a frame that holds a heavy bag (which has come in handy since we bought it a couple of years ago) that sits only ten feet from my desk. Workout and jump right into homework. Or writing, as I get a month off from school starting in early December.

This is good because I suspect I’ll be a little more devoted to exercise if I don’t have to leave the house before doing it. Which means I’ll exercise more. I need to. Obviously, diet is not working out, or I’d be telling you I’m finally below 270 pounds by now.