Second Hand Goods: What’s Next?


Second Hand Goods has been out for a couple of months now. So what is next?

For starters, there remains one Nick Kepler book that was slated for publication, Bad Religion. Nick finds himself entangled in a real estate scheme involving an aggressive developer, an ambitious televangelist, and a pastor who is everything he paints himself as, yet has a dark secret. In the meantime, Nick and Elaine have to deal with the personal consequences of Second Hand Goods, and Eric Teasdale shows he has some real talent as a PI.

Since Bad Religion never made it to the editor before the publisher went out of business, it will require a little more work. In the meantime, I’ll release The Compleat Kepler, every Nick Kepler short published to date plus a new one, “Gypsy’s Kiss.”

After that, I plan to release a collection of non-Kepler stories – Yeah! I write those, too!

There may or may not be a fourth Kepler. I have an outline, but it remains to be seen whether I should write it or not. Another idea is a collection of the best of the blog. Obviously, not everything here is material for a book, but some of it might be. Who knows? There are books of essays by people I’ve never heard of.

I know I sure as hell won’t be writing a political manifesto, despite being every bit as qualified as the pinheads who usually write them. That qualification is usually a compelling reason why someone shouldn’t.

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