Eleven Years Later

My God.

11 years already?

The new World Trade Center will open next year. Next time I’m in New York, I’m having a drink at Windows on the World.

I’ve told the story of where I was and how I reacted over and over again. I think we can safely call 2001-2011 America’s Lost Decade.

The first time I saw Ground Zero, I was shocked. There was this construction zone in the middle of Manhattan. My first thought was “My God, that must have been HUGE!” The reality hit home finally. This wasn’t an iconic image splashed across our TV screens. This was an open wound in the middle of a city where I happened to be. And we all felt it when it happened.

The Memorial is open now. As I said before, the new WTC will open next year. Something died in America on 9/11. I wonder if a completed and open Freedom Tower will bring back some of our mojo.


One thought on “Eleven Years Later

  1. I don’t know. I was living in NYC at the time – born and raised there. I remember thinking Al Qeada had chosen the wrong target. If there’s any city in the world where you can kill 2,500 and knock down a bunch of buildings and still find people going to work the next morning, it was NYC. It was terrible. It was tragic. But if the terrorist wanted to see a city flinch with terror, they went to the wrong place.

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