The Fighting… Um… Quakers?

Now that I’ve finished the associates degree I abandoned in the 1990’s, I start work tonight on the bachelors I should have finished in 1988. I’m going to Wilmington College in one of their adult learning programs in Cincinnati. So no, I won’t be driving an hour to school in Wilmington, a small town about halfway to Columbus from here.

Really, the main campus is off Route 3. A few miles north is Wilberforce College, one of the few predominantly black colleges in Ohio. Route 3 skirts Clifton, where the University of Cincinnati sits, and passes close to Xavier University before you even leave Cincinnati. And it brings you within minutes of The Ohio State University. Maybe they should call it the University Highway. I digress.

I’m going for a degree in business analysis. Which is a fancy way of saying I’m going to be a geek with some business skills. One of my first classes is Introduction to Management, or as I call it, Leveraging Synergies 101. Actually, the textbook for this class frowns on corporate buzzwords and faddish management books. This is good. The last thing I need is to be trained how to trigger the next mortgage meltdown.

As of today, there are now three college students under our roof. Nita is taking web design at the University of Cincinnati. AJ is also going to UC for electronic media. It’s a weird time for us. But it’s all for the better.

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