Second Hand Goods Arrives!

At last, the follow-up to Northcoast Shakedown sees the light of day. Second Hand Goods has Nick Kepler trying to leave Cleveland on a vacation to nowhere. He just wants to get in his car and drive until he finds some place interesting. Instead, he spends the night with a sexy Russian named Valeria who seduces him into a web of deceit and murder looking for a stolen limo.

What Nick realizes and the beautiful Valeria doesn’t know is that the limo has ended up in the chop shop of Lenny Slansky (from “A Walk in the Rain”), Nick’s long-time informant and occasional disposer of evidence. Lenny’s partners are mixed up with the same Russian gangsters Valeria is either searching for or hiding from. In the meantime, Nick comes under the scrutiny of one Nikolai Karpov, aka “The Antichrist.” Karpov also wants to know where the limo is. And he wants to know why Valeria has hired him.

Boxed in on all sides, Nick soon finds his only chance to survive is to throw in with Karpov, and his only ally is his far-too-loyal secretary Elaine.

When the blossoming mob war claims a casualty too close to Nick, he goes on the offensive. It’s no longer a case spiraling out of control. It’s about revenge, and Nick Kepler doesn’t care if he goes down. He’ll take as many of Cleveland’s underworld denizens as possible in an explosive battle at an abandoned steel mill.

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